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Bathroom & Kitchen

Maybe you need a new shower head, vanity taps in your bathroom or a new kitchen mixer. 

We can update taps, replace toilet suites and vanities. 

We are also happy to work with your builder or other trades on site to deliver a wonderful full renovation. 

The new space we help create will ensure you can let the stress of the day melt away as you take a soak in your new bath or spa. 


Water Leaks

More information coming soon.

Water Filters

You should use a water filter if you have a private water source on your property that includes a lot of sediment or is at risk of chemical pollution. Filters act as a physical barrier to keep microorganisms and particles (such as sand) out of the water.
Before you buy a water filter, make sure you know how much water you'll need and how long it will take to filter it.
Water filters are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, ranging from simple desktop devices to more complicated systems that require plumbing and electrical installation.
If you choose a more complex system, you can rest assured that the plumbing and electrical work will be handled by us.

Hot Water Systems

You don't have any hot water one day or you find a leak, does that mean I will need a hot water system? We can send one of 

LMN Plumbing's hot water specialists to make an assessment, repairing your system or should you need a new hot water system we can provide you with options. Helping you make the best decision for household. 

There are different options to consider such as:

  • Solar Hot Water

  • Instantaneous Hot Water

  • Gas Hot Water

  • Electric Hot Water


If you are looking to install a new LPG BBQ or update your LPG cook top, we can help you as  licensed gas fitters. 

Blocked Drains

If you have a blocked drain you may have already tried plunging your toilet, using natural remedies such as baking soda or white wine vinegar or a bought drain chemical. We understand by the time you have called LMN Plumbing you are looking for a fast and efficient service. 
You may be dealing with a blockage in your drains if you observe any of the following symptoms:

  • Water backing up in the toilet

  • Gurgling Sinks

  • Shower water slow to drain

  • Stormwater drains backing up

  • Smelly drains 


More information coming soon.


If you would like to discuss your plumbing project or issue please get in touch.

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