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Customer feedback is very important to us at LMN Plumbing, we want to continually improve the service we offer to you and look to your feedback to help us. 
In addition we would like to thank the staff who deliver great work and service to you. 

You can share your feedback in a number of ways. 
1: Facebook Review: Using your Facebook account you can leave a Facebook Review by clicking on the Facebook button below.

2: Google Review: Using your Google account you can leave a Google Review by clicking on the Google  button below.

3: Word of Mouth Review: This is an option where you can leave a review if you don't have a Google or Facebook account. You can click on the Word of Mouth button below to leave us your thoughts.   

We thank you for your time in giving us your feedback and we look forward to working with you again. 


If you would like to discuss your plumbing job or project with us, please call us on 1300 029 183 or contact us via our contact form

Word of Mouth

Is a user-generated directory where customers share their experiences they have with businesses. This helps customers find great suppliers and helps to support smaller businesses be found.