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Finding a "Female-Friendly" Plumber


Everyone woman can think of a time when they have sought a service or tried to buy something and they have been made to feel uncomfortable for not being knowledge in that subject area or you worry that there is a chance they could be ripped off. 

These are just two reasons why many women don’t really like finding a tradesperson for repairs or renovations.   Over the year things have improved, yet when Helen Falk joined LMN Plumbing  she has still found national suppliers and subcontract trades being reluctant to discuss the needs LMN Plumbing has had and requested that her husband called when he got in.
Couple this with stories you see on A Current Affair of a few unscrupulous trades mudding the waters for all trades, LMN Plumbing felt we needed to take action to ensure any current or potential customer had the most comfortable experience. 

What Can LMN Plumbing do to help?

LMN Plumbing is a female friendly organisation and all staff receive training which ensures we are able to be Female Friendly Accredited.

  1. Use plain Plumbing jargon. 

  2. You will speak to Helen in the office to book your job. 

  3. We let you know who your plumber will be and all staff are police checked.

  4. You will receive a text when they are on the way. 

  5. Our plumbers ask before entering your house.

  6. All our plumbers use Tidy Tradie Cleanboot Work Boot Covers to ensure your home stays clean.

  7. We clear up after ourselves. 

  8. We are happy to answer any questions and we wont be offended if you need us to explain further.

  9. Helen from our office will follow-up to ensure you are happy with the job. 

Book a female friendly plumber today

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