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LMN Plumbing's guide and resources

Resources and plumbing guides to help support our clients with plumbing decisions and education

In launching this plumbing blog we aim to help both our residential and commercial clients in Lake Macquarie and Newcastle to make informed decisions about their plumbing needs. Firstly, to introduce myself, I am Helen Falk and I joined David Falk in LMN Plumbing back in 2020 on a part-time basis, that soon became full-time. LMN Plumbing was David's brainchild and was created in 2013 after a long and highly successful plumbing career. Before I joined LMN Plumbing I worked in a corporate marketing role, where clients and your needs are valued and highly important. My aim is to make LMN Plumbing a customer-first company and not just another trade business, hence I think there is a need for plumbing guides and resources.

Helen and David Falk sitting together in LMN Plumbing van
Helen and David Falk of LMN Plumbing

What will be included?

I know personally how much I have learnt about the plumbing industry in just a few years. When I started there was a lot of jargon and terms that I was not familiar with just like a residential homeowner or a facility manager of commercial premises might find. Therefore, I think it is important to ensure our communication is explained in an easy-to-read and meets our client's needs with our quotes, invoices and plumbing guides and resources. It is during this learning journey that I have identified that there is an opportunity for LMN Plumbing to set ourselves apart and provide simple yet informative knowledge, and create plumbing guides and resources for clients to use. Our upcoming blog articles will include, the top 5 ways to..., comprehensive guides, how-to guides and answers to frequently asked questions. If you have questions or ideas on the type of content and education resources you would like included, we would love to hear from you, please don't hesitate to ask by email: or call 1300 029 183.

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