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Preventing burns to children in the home

When we were having our son, or specifically I went through a nesting phase, organising and sorting the house, making everything just right. However during this time, what some of us don't think about is, will my hot water service be safe?

According to Kidsafe almost 80% of serious burns and scalds to young children occur in the home. Commonly we think of the kitchen whilst preparing food and drink where half of burns in the home occur, however other common places where children are at risk of burn injuries include the bathroom or garden, particularly when children were playing. Hot liquid at 60◦C only takes one second to cause a third-degree burn to a child’s skin. You can lower the delivery temperature of hot water in your bathroom and ensuite to a maximum 50°C by installing a tempering valve, that safely lowers the delivery temperature of water. This is important as hot water from the tap at 60°C can burn a young child in less than a second. A tempering valve is a simple installation and the costs is not especially when you consider the risks. If you would like more information on finding out if you have a tempering valve fitted or if you would like one installed just give us a call.

Additionally, installing a retractable hose and ensuring all the water is flushed out helps to prevent burns in the garden when children are playing.

The Kidsafe website have some wonderful resources families can use in burns prevention and first aid for young children.

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